Solutions & Platform with a differnce

It has never been easier to understand the GAPs and Bridge with a Solution

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already driving the future market . The real supremacy of AI lies in its” CONTEXTUAL AWARENESS” explicitly its ability to intellect and respond to current context. 

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Big Data Analysis

The HTPL RONBID software suites restrain a data prognostic analytics, enabling optimization and data viewer which can interacts to each other with a correlated Database.

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Setting up a comprehensive IoT ecosystem for an organisation by bringing a complete new IoT application to the market by exploiting various platforms that can maneuver with an ease and managed the facts barrier. HTPL IoT solutions enable the end-users to bridge the various gaps with the application that we create.

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Data Warehousing & Data Mining

In today’s Big Data era Data warehouses still play a vital role for standard operational databases. It optimized to preserve exacting precision of data in the moment by swiftly synchronizing real-time data.

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Blockchain Technology

HTPL connects the supremacy of blockchain era to facilitate in crafting a network where information is of a great deal with added availability and dependability, where various transactions in the network are certifiable and maintain a traceability matrix, which facilitate the created ecosystem more trustworthy within B2B, B2C.

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Business Value Across All The Markets Sectors

Healthcare Sectors

Spacing out with inventive IT solutions & consulting services for healthcare sector, HTPL have developed a sophisticated mechanism for addressing a range of tools that facilitate the portability of data....


HTPL fleet management system is a unique automatic vehicle locator (AVL) system based upon the eTrack framework. The system simplifies the vehicle management process by assembling and managing related information regarding the vehicle in a timely and efficient manner...

Smart Cities & Home Automation

HTPL through its ground-breaking contributions enable to address various challenges by providing ICT solutions that facilitate the solution eco-system to work collectively with effortless and proficiently, enabling smarter and faster decision making ability which carries the characteristic of cutting edge system.

Education Sector

HTPL provides CRMS® solution along with distinct technology solutions for the educational Sector. The solution facilitates various campus related activities to come under one platform thereby cutting down avoidable overheads, time and administrative problems...


System functional areas such as design, analysis, planning, purchasing, cost accounting, inventory control, and distribution are recreated with a complete integrated environment within the factory floor functions, providing direct control and monitoring of all the operations.

Law Enforcement

Our solutions and the system focus mostly to prevent prevailing threats of extremism with a growing crime rates and rising difficulties to defend the decisive disasters or a security breaches that we have experience so far has necessitated the need for provisioning a robust security system across the cities and borders.